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You have reached the TCIL Welcome Portal.  Within this portal, you will find program specific information, developer guides, documentation, feature sets, and other information related to the Tactical Cloud Integration Lab (TCIL).

As a part of the Distributed Common Ground System - Army (DCGS-A), the TCIL is focused on agile development and integration of new capabilities by "bridging" developers, vendors, and solutions with operational users in a cohesive isolated test environment.  Industry partners, IRAD projects and other R&D efforts work with the TCIL team to develop and integrate capability in the lab.  This will provide opportunities to present new capabilities to end users as part of the user feedback process.  In order to establish rapid evaluation of candidate capabilities, the PM DCGS-A and United States Army Intelligence School & Center (USAICS) at Fort Huachuca plan to have personnel access the DSC at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) from the Intelligence Battle Lab (IBL), and Kelly Ops on a recurring basis.  By allowing stakeholders to stay engaged in the development process, the TCIL team helps ensure developed capabilities are better aligned to meet the needs of analysts.  The TCIL is tasked with supporting the analysis and assessment of evolving operational and technical architectures; investigating emerging cloud hardware, software stacks, analytics, and security; and accelerate sharing of data across Services and Agencies.

TCIL is an extension of the Army's Distributed Common Ground system (DCGS-A), focused on the next phase of capabilities for the warfighter.  The TCIL focus is on development and integration of capabilities into the current baseline cloud system (DSC), maturing those capabilities, and extending them to the operational environment.  By collaborating between industry, scientific, and research communities, the TCIL team hopes to reduce the time from concept and development to production and deployment for next generation technologies.